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I am George Janji, Doctor of Chiropractic and Diplomate Candidate in Internal Medicine and Nutrition. Ever since I was 21 years old I made a commitment to study the healing arts, and there is still a long way to go! “Dr. White Patch” came to me in my second year in graduate school, so I ran with it 🙂 An extension of this homepage is in Pasadena, CA at Sahara Clinic, where I will be starting my Chiropractic Family Practice. As you browse through this webpage you will see my truest self, and if you need to access me it could be arranged! Cheers, and Direct Every Angle.

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My Mystery and Muse Don't sleep on spinal hygiene!


Not every Nervous System is nervous

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Learn how we have grown in the past 2 decades
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Sets the stage for organ maturation outside the Central Nervous System

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Public access to a paper linking maternal CRP to Autism
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International Journal of Tinnitus

Tensor Tympani's role in Ventilating the Eustachian Tube

Children's Eustachian Tubes are shorter and more horizontal

Middle Ear Infections happen less frequently as we age partly due to the anatomical changes that come with growing!



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# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 The Unspoken Gut-Spine Axis (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD Sahara Clinic
2 Spinal Health: Reflection of Life (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD Sahara Clinic
3 Blood Sugar & Mental Health (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD Sahara Clinic
4 How’s your lung function? (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD Sahara Clinic
5 Pregnancy & Chiropractic Dr. Janji TBD Sahara Clinic




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