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"Gentleness is the virtue of the Universe"

- Tao Te Ching

Hi! I'm Dr. George Janji, Owner of Birthright Wellness & Spine in Burbank, CA. I hold Holistic healing to a very high standard, which is why I am grateful for my diverse education thus far! I hold a Bachelors in Kinesiology, a Doctorate in Chiropractic; I'm an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Qualified Medical Examiner, and an Extremities practitioner (joint diagnostician & adjuster outside the spine). I am currently jumping through the hoops to obtain a Diplomate in Internal Medicine! 

I have a growing passion for pre-conception planning, the upper cervical spine, and understanding the pros and cons of western drugs. I am dedicating my life to creating a longevity center & being a leader in Chiropractic for students & practicing doctors.

I’m looking forward to supporting you on your health journey! Give me a call!

How we love serving 

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Low-Force Chiropractic

Low-force Chiropractic

Chiropractic honors the body's innate abilities to self-regulate and self-organize. It is a vital part of one's healing process and we have the techniques to fit your needs! Dr. Janji's corrections are gentle and comfortable and his philosophy is "Less is more"! Feel it for yourself - schedule for an exam and adjustment today!

Labratory Analysis

Nutritional Therapy

We like to use testing to see what vitamins will get the healing process up and running! Dr. Janji recommends a comprehensive hormone, urine and blood test for everybody for this. Schedule a consultation and watch how Dr. Janji's organizes the results into a holistic image, and practical steps moving forward!

Holistic Pre

Holistic Pre-conception Guidance

The greatest gift one can give humanity is to oversee a couple who desire having a child. Research intimates that disease starts in utero. Dr. Janji is very passionate about making sure couples prime their mind, bodies and spirits prior to the sweetest 9 month countdown! This is the most intimate service in our practice & look forward to working parallel with your family OBGYN!

Holistic Prenatal & Postnatal Guidance

The first 1000 days of a baby's life are the building blocks for the rest of their life. Dr. Janji wants to support you during this time Nutritionally, Chiropractically & by offering a set of ears if needed. The "4th trimester" is also a time Dr. Janji wants to oversee women's health - many women don't feel the same after pregnancy & this does not need to be the case! Call us and schedule a consultation if you are currently pregnant or just had a delivery!


This was Jasmine's Experience

Dr. Janji has helped me more than anyone else throughout my healing journey. I became extremely sick with debilitating symptoms and was on antibiotics for many years, but now thanks to him I've been off all my meds and have gotten my life back these last few years. I am also a competitive triathlete and he always makes sure my body is properly aligned and tends to any injuries/discomfort I am feeling. He thinks outside the box and is so smart, patient, attentive, and caring. I can easily say I would not be where I am today without his wisdom and support, and I am truly grateful for everything he has done and will continue to do for not only me, but everyone else suffering out there or looking to better the quality of their lives.

- Jasmine Moezzi

Founder of South Bay Squad

Get to know me a little! 

The following videos are a window into the rhythms that make me, me!

Pattern recognition example with gluten-free rolled oats

My Tongan Experience

Net cooling effect from old tooth injury


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