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We don't treat Disease

We treat PEOPLE

Why Choose Us

Certified Specialists

Certified in adjusting joints outside the spine (CCEP)! We assess the cranium as well.

Exceptional Service

We are committed to taking care of you gently and passionately.


Conveniently located in Burbank, CA


A Few of our Happy Clients!

To start off with one word about Dr. Janji, I would say personable. Not only does he take time to work on exactly what’s bothering you, but also makes you feel like you’ve known him your whole life. This feeling gives you the trust and confidence in his work.

Chris Simonian

Medical Student 

Dr. Janji has helped me more than anyone else throughout my healing journey. I have a very complex case since I became extremely sick with debilitating symptoms and was on antibiotics for many years, but now thanks to him I've been off all my meds and have gotten my life back these last few years. 

Jasmine Moezzi

South Bay Squad, Founder

Our Services!

Chiropractic (Drop Table & SOT)

Our gentle techniques make our methods suitable for almost anyone. Healing takes new trajectory when Chiropractic is in your care-plan.

Spinal Mobility Sequences

A healthy spine is undoubtedly life extending & intimately paired with the quality of your life! Our prescribed movements will help you reach the freedom of motion you seek!

Group Visits

Individual health is important but social health is overlooked. Our group visits connect you with people in our practice who are experiencing the same struggles as you! 

Get to know me a little! 

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