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About Me

Hi! I’m Dr. George Janji, Owner of Birthright Wellness & Spine in Burbank, CA. I hold Holistic healing to a very high standard, which is why I am grateful for my diverse education thus far! I hold a Bachelors in Kinesiology, a Doctorate in Chiropractic; I’m an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Qualified Medical Examiner, and an Extremities practitioner (joint health promoter outside the spine). I am currently jumping through the hoops to obtain a Diplomate in Internal Medicine! I should be Board Certified by 2023. I have a growing passion for pre-conception planning, the upper cervical spine, and understanding the pros and cons of western drugs. I am dedicating my life to creating a longevity center & being a leader in Chiropractic for students & practicing doctors.

I’m looking forward to supporting you on your health journey! Call me!

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Middle Ear Infections happen less frequently as we age partly due to the anatomical changes that come with growing!



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1 Health Gems and Clinical Pearls! (Dec.18) Dr. Janji 5-6pm PST GoToMeeting
2 Spinal Health: Reflection of Life (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
3 Blood Sugar & Mental Health (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
4 How’s your lung function? (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
5 Pregnancy & Chiropractic Dr. Janji TBD -




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