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The Unspoken Gut-Spine Axis
Dr. George Janji
Dr. George Janji
The Unspoken Gut-Spine Axis (TBD)
Modern spinal patterns come from a combination of insults in the gut nervous system (aka Enteric N.S), and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Bring a tablet, computer, iPad, Notebook, or Notepad with you. You will learn new ways of perceiving your body and translating your symptoms in a different light.
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# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 The Unspoken Gut-Spine Axis (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
2 Spinal Health: Reflection of Life (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
3 Blood Sugar & Mental Health (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
4 How’s your lung function? (TBD) Dr. Janji TBD -
5 Pregnancy & Chiropractic Dr. Janji TBD -




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