We all have an inner desire to be well. I’m sure someone at some point has told you or you’ve had this realization yourself, that what you seek is probably right in front of us…

So, why don’t we see it if it’s in front of us?”

I think it is because it is in a form we didn’t expect to manifest as…like we are unconscious to it, or something.

Having a Systems-Oriented, Nutritionally and Herb Educated Doctor of Chiropractic on your team is so underrated. Bodywork and Biochemistry (the two big B’s) are CRITICAL to being well, and Doctors of my nature address them every single visit.

I can adjust pregnant moms and support them as their body changes each week.
I can adjust the elderly safely and effectively, and improve the quality of their life.
I can adjust children and help them cope with falls, stress from school, and support the growing pains of being a tiny human.
I can take you from a life of pain to less pain.
I can take you from a life of digestive discomfort to less discomfort.
I can take you from stiffness to improved flexibility.
I can help you lose weight and teach you sustainable lessons to keep it off.
I can help declutter any confusion you have about which foods are healthy and unhealthy.

Here is how you can make an appointment with me.

I am not in network with any insurances but my sliding scale and packages make working with me affordable. If not you then please refer me someone you think needs a pair of eyes like mine on their case!

With Gratitude and In Health,

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