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Dr. George is an extremely knowledgeable chiropractor that truly cares for his patients. I started seeing him because of poor sleep, trouble concentrating, low energy, frequent headaches, and general aches and pains throughout my body that I couldn’t explain. Being under his care got me my health back, and his expertise helped sort out some deep rooted imbalances in my body. I wish everyone had a chiropractor like Dr. George in their life. He is an incredibly talented chiropractor who always gives 100%!

Yasmeen Malik

Doctor of Chiropractic Student

Hands of GOLD. Working with Dr. Janji was unexpectedly life-changing. I came to him for the usual aches + pain — I was experiencing a HIGH level of chronic neck discomfort and limited upper body mobility. He instinctively (and informed with thorough spinal scans/science) knew what subtle touches would help move me towards less pain, better health, and more joy. He integrated nutrition support, as well as specific physical movements that were within my reach. His practice is rooted in kindness, compassion, and love — this being his greatest tool of them all. His presence made me feel more seen than any other functional medicine doctor I’ve consulted to date. His perspective on life, purpose-driven approach, and value on self-development was contagious. Like fertilizer to a seed, knowing him has enhanced my life’s journey, helping me sprout into a more in-tune being.

Raquel Alvarado


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