Yesterday, September 28, 2020, was a day I won’t forget. It has to do with an opportunity I’ll expand on after I share with you a story.

The reason this day is memorable is because of the 3rd patient who walked into our clinic.

From the corner of my eye I observed a 5’2, slender woman in her late 20’s, and as her file came on my screen it said: “Patient’s due date is May 21, 2021.” I then noticed her small baby-bump and I identified with my excitement immediately and said, “I’ll take care of you on this table here today,” as I pointed to one of the three tables in the clinic. I toned myself down: she had no idea that it was my first time working with a soon-to-be momma in her first trimester 🙂 It was something I was looking forward to.

The heat of the moment was not in how I was going to treat her, but more so getting her to feel how far reaching this adjustment was going to be for her baby’s future.

“So what brings you in today?”

“I’m starting to get pain in my mid and low-back.”

“I can help you with that. Let’s get you face-up, on your back. Congratulations, by the way!”

“Thank you :)”

I felt some hypertonic muscles on the sides of her pelvis and upper back. After my analysis I learned she just needed a favorable correction in her neck and midback, and it was confirmed when her spine melted unto the table after the adjustments! My mind at this point was equally on her and the developing fetus.

While she was still laying on her back, I shared a piece of my dream with her. (I don’t fully know if this is a true calling yet, but the idea continues to grow in my mind).

“I want to own a pregnancy-institute someday. Irreversible (but favorable!!) changes are happening to your baby’s nervous system now, and taking the time to get your spine assessed today was the greatest act of love you can give to him or her.”


“Yep! By decreasing the amount of stress you carry in your spine, you in turn are epigenetically influencing the home for your baby in the coming months. Especially in the first trimester, when the brain and spinal cord are rapidly developing.”

(Her eyes lit up, almost like I just went from “George, the pain doctor”, to “George, the teacher who explained how the spine is a window into her and her baby’s adaptive potential”).

It felt really nice to share this innate calling (leave any research-dominant dogmas at the door). To name a few problems in our current healthcare model that I would be solving, one would be the fear about pregnancy going wrong, lack of complete thoroughness in obstetric panels (CRP is a very important analyte, and has been correlated with autism when high), pre-natal nutrition is not up to my standards at all, and providing Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy.

If this institute were to happen, it would be a primary-care setting focusing on preconception, pre and post natal care, using midwives, holistic blood chemistry analysis, community lectures, mental health services and supplementation. Baby blues and autoimmunity affect mothers worldwide, to name two common rough patches after birth, and I dream of creating a team to support mothers in every step of the way: from 9 months before pregnancy to 9 months after.

“You made my day today. I will be here on Sunday’s and Monday’s if you need support.”

“Thank you so much.”

And that was the story of the first, first trimester momma-to-be I had the pleasure of working with. I’ll be keeping you posted as this vision inches towards fruition.

Direct Every Angle,



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